Kiko Sale Haul: First Impressions & Swatches

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When Kiko is having a sale, you need to go for it quickly because their stuff can sell out fast. I woke up at 8am to check the website the first day of the sales and a few hours later, a lot of their holiday collection items were already sold out. I'm so happy I was able to get my hands on these products. In this post, I'm showing you everything I got, show the swatches and share my first impressions. It'll be quite a long post so grab a snack, sit back and relax! 

The first things I got were two nail polishes. A lot of the nail polishes were on sale for only 1,10€. I choose 345 Jade Green en 510 Dahlia Mauve. These colors look perfect for spring and summer. Kiko nail polishes have a great formula and good pigmentation. 

Next up: lipsticks! I got two of the Enigma Lipsticks from the Neo Noir collection: 05 Magnetic Rust, which is a rust red color and 06 Seduction Rose, which is a dark nude pink. These are very pigmented and long lasting. The packaging is a bit bulky and huge (However, I forgot to take a picture of it) but the formula is very nice. I also got one Smart lipstick in the color '918 Classic rose', a nude pink. In the photo below, you can see the swatches of the lipsticks. They all have a good pigmentation and pleasant smell.

I got some of the Holiday collection eye products. I got the gorgeous eyeshadow palette (more about that later), an eyeshadow/eyeliner stick (125 Dark chocolate - Light Taupe) and a double sided eyeliner (02 Plum-Rose). The eyeliner duos from the Kiko collections are always amazing and these are no exceptions. So creamy and pigmented. The eyeshadow/eyeliner duo also has great pigmentation but the eyeshadow part blends out a bit uneven. 

I wanted to show you how pretty this eyeshadow palette is. It's called '01 - Stylish Nudes' and contains 9 nude eyeshadows. It's a perfect match of mattes, satins and shimmers. There is a matte highlight shade, a nice warm toned crease color and some gorgeous 'all over the lid' shades. This palette was only 12,50€ on sale and I think it's worth every cent. I swatched about 5 colors to test it out and they were all very nice and creamy. Even the black is pretty good! 

 Below: swatches of all eye products

I picked up two blushes. One is from the holiday collection and the other one is from a previous summer collection I think. Let's just take a moments to talk about how nice Kiko packaging is. Their products always look so luxurious! I always loved Kiko blushes, because the colors are very nice and blend out great. They always look so natural on the skin.

The blushes I got are:
- 02 Harmonious Bisque (a light mauve)
- 01 Lust Coral (pink coral) 

02 Harmonious Bisque is probably the first Kiko blush that I'm not impressed with... It was extremely powdery and the pigmentation is quite sheer. The swatch you see is even a few layers of the color. It just would not built up. I haven't tried it out on the cheeks yet but I think powder will be flying everywhere when I'll put a brush in it. 01 Lust Coral however is amazing! Such a nice color! 

Last but not least: a bronzer/highlighter duo (01 Gold tan) and a highlighter stick (100 Gold). That last one was the only product that was not on sale, I just finally picked it up. I don't own a lot of bronzers so I wanted to pick this one up. It was also from the holiday collection. 

The bronzer/highlighter duo is HUGE. The packaging is just as big as the eyeshadow palette. Like the blush, this is a very powdery product. The bronzer needs a few layers to built up. Because I'm a bronzer newbie, it's probably good that it's not the most pigmented bronzer ever, so I can try and get to know bronzers better. But if you're a big bronzer fan, you might get a bit disappointed by this pigmentation. The highlight is very nice. 

The highlighter stick comes in a tube with a shiny sleek black packaging. This seems like a very beautiful, warm highlighter and easy to use. The pigmentation is great and it doesn't feel sticky or so. I like this! 

Below: swatches of the highlight stick and the bronzer/highlighter duo

So, that was my huge Kiko sale haul. I hope you enjoyed this haul. What are your thoughts about Kiko? Do you like it? If you got anything on sale, let me know!

I'm know going to kick off my make-up buying addiction and try not too but too much in 2017 (Wish me luck haha)

Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon <3


  1. Good luck with not buying more makeup, I know I can't do it :D. Kiko always has such good products. I absolutely adore their nail polishes and Jade Green looks so pretty. I also love highlighter stick - have it in the same shade. It's one of my favorites for quick on the go glow :).
    Lust Coral blush caught my eye. I totally forgot that they usually have LE on sale as well. And the eye palette looks really nice. Has all the basic shades you need from a nude palette. Great catch ;).

    1. Not buying make-up anymore failed big time, I recently went to Sephora :p
      Kiko is a great brand indeed!

  2. You know that resolution that included not buying a lot of make-up, well I want everything from this post hahaha :D
    I have that LE blush in the gold packaging in a different shade and it's one of my favourites. It's so nicely pigmented and long-lasting <3

    1. The best part of Kiko is their LE stuff! :o


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