Time to Recycle: Empties #14

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hello everybody! A while back, I promised you guys a new empties post because my empties bag was fuller than ever before! I hope you're ready for the post, because it's gonna be a long one. I'll be saying goodbye to lots of hair, face and body products and also some make-up things. Let's get started!

To make this post not tooooo long and boring, I'm going to over all the products quite quickly. 

1. Nivea Invisibla Deodorant (pocket size): I always like to own a few pocket size deodorants because they are so convenient to keep in your purse. I liked this one! 
Would I repurchase? Yes
2. Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant (pocket size): Scent-wise, this is one of my faves! Very good smell and it stays almost all day! Loved this one.
Would I repurchase? Yes
3. Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant: Can you tell I like Nivea deodorants? This one was okay, but not my favorite. It can be quite powdery and I really don't like that.
Would I repurchase? No
4. Dove Minimizing Deodorant: A very pleasant smell that stays for a long time. Very nice one!
Would I repurchase? Yes

5. Bergasol SPF 20 Mini Sunblock: This is an empty, but a keeper! It's such a handy dandy little bottle to store sunblock in. I'm just going to refill this one. As for the sunblock itself, Bergasol is a very nice brand that has an awesome smell to their products. They also help the tanning proces.
Would I repurchase? Yes
6. The body Shop Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel: Meh... I got tired of this scent pretty quickly.
Would I repurchase? No
7. Yves Rocher Mascara: I got this mascara for free with a Yves Rocher monthly gift card but it actually didn't do much for my lashes. I like a more dramatic effect. I actually forgot the name of this one... 
Would I repurchase? No
8. Labello Dragon Fruit Lip Balm: Very nice fruity flavour but I wasn't impressed with the balm.
Would I repurchase? No

9. EOS Mint Lipbalm: Nice scent, nice lip balm. I still love it but it got bad!
Would I repurchase? No, they are quite pricey here in Belgium.
10. The Body Shop Big & Curvy Mascara: I liked this one, but after a few tries, I think it got badly already. It made my eyes really red and itchy and that is a sign to toss it right away. It doesn't make it want to get it again.
Would I repurchase? No
11. Real Techniques Blush Brush: The best blush ever but this one is very old and starting to shed a lot of hairs. I got a new blush brush from H&M Beauty that I'm trying out now.
Would I repurchase? Yes
12. Garnier Miracle Skin Cream: Better than a BB cream, in my opinion. This adjusts to your skin and makes it look lively and glowy. I loved using this in the summer, for a quick make-up look.
Would I repurchase? Yes
13. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: Very beautiful foundation with a sweet scent and a medium/buildable coverage.
Would I repurchase? Yes

14. Yves Rocher Expert Reparateur Body Lotion: You guys are probably sick of hearing about this one... Yes, I still love it.
Would I repurchase? Yes
15. Palmolive Mediterranean Moments: Peach/Strawberry Shower gel: Smelling like a smoothie? I don't mind! ;)
Would I repurchase? Yes
16. Kruidvat Cotton Pads: This are affordable and do the job just right!
Would I repurchase? Yes

17. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask: TBS brought out 5 AMAZING masks and this is one of them. VERY similar to the Glamglow mud masks and more than half the price.
Would I repurchase? Yes, I bought the big pot!
18. L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask (the green one): One of the three mud masks that they brought out recently. I liked it, but liked the one from TBS more.
Would I repurchase? No
19. Sephora Micellar Make-up Remover: Waaaaay to strong in scent. It took off everything but the scent threw me off everytime. It does have a handy pump to apply the water on a cotton pad.
Would I repurchase? No

20 Andrélon Summer Blonde Shampoo/Conditioner: Finally, it's time to toss this! I didn't hate this one, I just like the Garnier Ultra Doux with chamomile more for my blonde hair. I need to repurchase those... 
Would I repurchase? No.
23 Garnier Ultra Doux Lavender/Rose Shampoo/Conditioner: I got this one last summer in Italy and loved the scent of it. I'm so gutted that this is not available in Belgium. It was a gentle shampoo and conditioner with a scent that lasted in your hair!
Would I repurchase? Yes

I hope you all liked this post! <3


  1. Funny, I was just looking at my RT blush brush today, thinking I really need to toss it...it completely lost its shape...We had a good run though :)

    1. Yeah, it lasted a really long time, which is great! It's just time to say goodbye :)


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