NOTD: Spring Flowers + How to DIY Nail Stickers

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hey everybody! Today, I'm doing a Nail of the day look for you AND showing you how to make your own unique nail stickers! This is such an exciting and fun little project to do. It does take a little time and you need to be patient/careful but other than that: extremely easy!  

What do you need?

  • Plastic folder/freezer bag
  • A craft cutter (You can find this at any craft store in tons of shapes and sizes)
  • Colors of nail polish
  • Maybe a scissor

I got the idea from this video from CutePolish, where she also explains how to make them. If you don't understand this post or need more of a visual explanation, you can always watch the video. There are TONS of other nice nail hacks included. I decided to test this one out.

You can buy the shape cutter at so many craft stores in every shape you want. I actually had to look around a bit for a nice shape that wasn't too big. Since spring is slowly coming to Belgium, I wanted a pretty flower design. I choose this rose shape.

You can completely choose the color(s) you use for this project: cream colors, glitter, light of dark. This is the chance to be creative. I decided to use a red and a green color to really make it look like a rose. But you can completely switch it up. 

I used: Revlon Lime Basil for the rose stem and Essie Berried Treasures for the petals.

Paint the nail polish on the plastic folder. If you want a shape with two of more colors: make sure the colors are connected! This way they will peel off together and make it easier to cut the shapes. Also, make sure to paint a thick coat and leave it to dry a couple of hours. This is a very important step; because the polish needs to be stiff and firm to work with.

When the polish is completely dry, carefully peel off the polishes. Not too fast, you don't want to rip the strip of polish. Than carefully cut out the shapes with the cutter. If you need, you can trim the strip of polish with scissors first, to make them fit better. Be very careful with the cut-out, they are delicate.

Paint you nails any base color you want. I used OPI My Very First Knockwurst, which is a gorgeous nude. I applied a sticker on my middle finger and thumb, using a dotting tool. Make sure to apply a top coat, to keep the sticker in place and smooth it out. 

That's how easy it is to create a completely unique manicure!

What shape would you like to make?


  1. This is seriously such an amazing idea and actually looks really easy to do. Definitely saving this post for when I feel a bit ''crafty'' haha :D


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