Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner Review

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi ya'll! Today I'm here with a review on the Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. This was part of a Lush Christmas giftbox, that my brother gave me on Christmas eve. I've used this a couple of times now and I gotta say: I love it!

"Packed full of ingredients to feed and nourish the skin: argan oil, cocoa butter, cupaçu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and shea butter."
This rose-scented body conditioner makes sure your skin is soft and smells amazing all day long.

After washing up in the shower, put this all over your body (a little goes a long way!), let it sink in for a minute, rinse it off, and pat it dry. 

The first time I used this, I was not impressed at all. It left a residu on my skin and was a bit greasy. But then I found out I used it the wrong way. I used way to much of this. But now that I tried it again a couple of times, I just can't say anything bad about this. It smells heavenly, makes my skin so soft and moisturized. 

Will I repurchase this? YES! :D

This is available at Lush stores and on the Lush website.

Have you tried Lush Products? Did you like them?

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  1. Ik heb die ook liggen! En echt waar, die ruikt hemels!!!


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