GOSH Mineral Eyeshadow Stick Review and Swatches

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hey everyone! A little while ago I did a review on the Gosh eyeshadow sticks. The big downside on those eyeshadows is that they are not available anymore. They have been replaced with these new eyeshadow sticks. I have them in two colors: Golden Brown and Brown.

I like the packaging, it's simple and pretty. Unlike the old eyeshadow sticks, these have black packaging with just a little hint of the eyeshadow color on it.

                                            Golden Brown

I like that these are very neutral colors and they glide on pretty softly on the skin. They're also well pigmented. However, I like the older eyeshadow sticks a bit more. I thought their pigmentation was better, I liked their packaging a bit more. I don't dislike these new ones, but I like using the older ones better :)

These claim to be waterproof, but to be honest, I have never tried to see if they actually are waterproof. I always use a primer underneath them, because I have oily eyelids and I think these would crease pretty easily.

You can find the Gosh Mineral Eyeshadow sticks in Kruidvat. Gosh is an amazing brand. They have a lot of fun colors (their eyeliners are amazing!) and Kruidvat often does a 'buy 1, get 1 half off' sale on Gosh products ;)

Do you like the old or new eyeshadow sticks better?
Or you have other eyeshadow sticks that you like?
Tell me!

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