Colors of the rainbow tag!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to write this blogpost! Most of you probably have seen the 'Colors of the Rainbow Tag' that has been going on on youtube. A lot of gurus have done it and I think it's such a cute and fun tag. So I decided to do it as well. I had to look around a bit, but I have found products that match the rainbow! :D

  • Yellow: For yellow, I've chosen the Benefit 'Dear John' daily moisturizer. The product itself is not yellow (Yellow cream, that would be a bit weird...) but the packaging is. This is a great moisturizer, I (try to) use this every day. Now the bad news... Benefit had completely changed their skincare line, so they have discontinued this facial cream. But I think they have a similar one in their line.
  • Orange: Vineyard peach scrub from The Body Shop. If you love peaches, you will faint when you smell this! It smells like fresh peach yoghurt. Heaven! This is a very creamy scrub and I love it. Love love love it.
  • Red: The perfect lipstick to buy when you are new at red lips. It's a coral red and because it's a lustre, it will be a bit sheer. Absolutely gorgeous. I think this was discontinued, but you might be able to find it at stores who still have a few in stock or at Ebay.
  • Pink: 'Bella Bamba' blush by Benefit. This hot pink blush is perfect for summer! It's bright, bold and very pigmented! I have to use a little bit, or else I look a bit like a clown :p But it is a gorgeous shade!
  • Green: I discoverd this brand of face masks and scrubs at Kruidvat (Belgian and Dutch drugstore). This is the Freemann Advocado and Oatmeal face mask. It works like a normal face mask: you put it on your skin, wait 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off. It leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  • Bleu: The Bourjois Gentle Eye makeup remover. I can't say a lot about this. My favorite makeup remover ever, I keep repurchasing it. It's soft, gentle, takes of everything and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the skin.
  • Indigo: The Rimmel '1 2 3 Looks' mascara by Rimmel. This is a mascara that can create three looks, when you twist the bottle to the desired stand. 1 is the least volume, 3 the most. I like 2 the most. 3 is a bit more dramatic and for me, perfect for a night out.
  • Purple: My favorite eyeliner-duo ever. What will I do when I run out of this? :( I've chosen this Eyeko eyeliner because of the 'Electric Purple' end of it. Crazy color, but you can create some pretty looks with this.
  • Multi-colored: I found this t-shirt at a store in Ghent, they're were having a sale. It's so colorful and I like it so much! This has actually inspired me to do this tag :D

When you read this, it means that YOU are now tagged by me to do this tag as well :D



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