The End of Project Pan: Empties + My Experience!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey everyone! June has started and that means my Project Pan is now officially over! After 6 months of trying to buy no beauty products, I'm now 'free' to buy makeup again! In this post I want to show you guys what I used up in may and tell you guys a few things I learned after this project!

In May, I used up 5 things (and discovered one empty shampoo bottle that has been standing in my shower for months now). A shampoo, a travel size deodorant and two mascaras. I'm so glad to be able to toss a few mascaras out.

1. Nivea Straight&Gloss Shampoo: One of these is not really an empty from May, as it is empty since October, I think. I just always forgot to get rid of it. This is my favorite shampoo, I always repurchase this again and again. It makes my hair soft and easy to work with.

2. Fa Cream&Oil Silk&Magnolia Shower Gel: smooth and creamy shower gel. This smelled good and was moisturizing. It didn't dry out my skin. What more do we want? 

3. Rexona Crystal Clear Aqua Deodorant: I didn't like this. I'm happy it was just a travel size, because it was not good. The smell was okay, but this left so many white marks on my clothing. And those are not easy to get out! This irritates me because Rexona is a brand that always claims to have 0% white marks when you use it. It even says on the bottle that you can use this and have no white marks on dark clothing. Even after shaking it, white stuff appears everywhere. Repurchase? Never.

4. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara: The first few times I used this, I was not a fan. But after a while this became one of my favorite mascaras. It seperates and lenghtens the lashes, it's so beautiful. I'm not sure if I will repurchase this anytime soon, but I liked it.

5. Benefit They're Real Mascara: A lot of people have raved about this mascara and I have to agree: It's pretty good! I won't say it makes my lashes look like false lashes, but it adds length, volume AND seperation. If you ever want to buy a high end mascara but you don't know which one, I recommend this one!

Using up products really takes a lot of time. I've used up a lot less than I would've wanted. I used up 14 products in total. Especially makeup takes a long time. But I have tossed a lot of stuff that was really old and I was able to completely change and rearrange my makeup setup. It's better now. I also sold some nail polishes to friends, which was a win-win situation (they got new nail polish for a small price and I reduced my collection and earned a bit of money).

The project went with up and downs, a lot of great products came out recently and I had to really make sure not to buy them (Yes, Rimmel Apocalypse Lipsticks, I'm talking to you!) but I can finally try them out now. I learned to control myself a bit more, I don't feel the need to just go out and buy a product anymore. I'll only buy them if I really want to try them out, if I really like them or if I actually need them. I'm a bit more wise when it comes to makeup now. If I want something, I'll also check out reviews first before I go buy it.

Project Pan was a very interesting, hard but fun thing to do. I might do it again once.

Have a nice day everybody!

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