Nail of the Day: Halloween Edition: Bloody Nails!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello, my lovely readers! It's almost halloween and I was feeling a little bit in the mood for some nail art today. I used to be really into (easy) nail art a couple of years back. When I saw all the halloween tutorials on youtube, I really wanted to do a look as well. This is a look that I've seen a lot of people do, but it looks really cool and it's not hard at all! ;)

 What you will need for this look:
- Base coat
- Base color
- Red Nail Polish. I used Rimmel's 'Rapid Ruby'.
- Top Coat
- A dotting tool/tootpick/bobby pin/anything with a rond tip.

How to achieve this look (I'll do my very best to explain):

- Firsly, put on a base coat. 
- Put on two coats of the base color. You can use a white, nude or even a colorful nail polish. Have fun with this look and be creative. Make it yours! ;) I decided not to use a base coat, but I used two coats of a very sheer pink as a base color called 'Are you calling me a lyre?' by OPI. 
- Take the red nail polish and put a few drops on a piece of paper. You can also use a light green color and make slime drops instead of blood.
- With your dotting tool (I used the end of an eyeliner brush, anything with a rounded tip will do) pick up some red polish. 
- Put your dotting tool anywhere on your nail and drag it slowly and careful to the tip of your nail, creating drippy lines. I tried to make two or more drips on every nail. At the tip, connect them using a brush or your dotting tool.
- Put on a top coat, to make your design last longer.

And you're done! I hope you guys understood my explanation :p

What are your Halloween plans this year?
I'm going to a horror movie marathon at the local cinema, I think this nail look is perfect for it ^^


  1. Looks great. I like it, because it's kind of pretty Halloween, not scary:)


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