Primark Fall Haul 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello lovely sweethearts! I recently went to Primark in Liège with my mom and sister in law. I did not expect to find a lot but I was so surprised... I don't think I ever bought so much beautiful things at Primark. The Primark in Liège is the only one in Belgium right now and it's not that close, so I go once or twice a year. But there will open up a store in Ghent and maybe Brussels soon (I hope)! I told a few friends about my trip and they suggested to do a haul. So here it is ;) 

Warning: prepare for a LONG blogpost. Get something to drink, make some popcorn, relax and have fun reading ;)

The first thing I got were these three blouses. I tried the red one on first and I loved it so much, that I decided to try on other colors as well. They were all so gorgeous, I couldn't leave them in the store. They fall quite loose around my body (maybe I should've got a smaller size, but a lot of other sizes were almost sold out already), but I don't mind that. They are very flattering. I love the little gold buttons as well.

When I saw this cardigan, I immediatly loved it! It's a bit longer than a regular cardigan but I love the brown buttons and the pockets. Very cosy and perfect for autumn (or year round!). I liked the beige one so much, that I decided to pick up a grey one as well. I also liked the black ones, but they didn't had it in my size anymore.

This blouse is usually something I would NEVER even look at. But I liked the embellished sleeves a lot and decided to try it on. My mom thought it was actually very pretty, especially the color.
Here's a close up of the sleeves. They are a liiiiittle bit messy (see that red thread?) but it's not such a big deal to me. Overal, it's a gorgeous piece.

I got these two flowy tops. I got a cream and electric blue color. Again, too pretty to leave them hanging in the store.
In my Londen Primark Haul, I got a white top with black little dots. This is the same style of top, but with another print. I saw this and I was in love with it. (You probably noticed by now that I like red a lot) These tops are so cute and pretty!
                                              Close-up of the flower print.
I also got this kind of top in this mauve-purple color. I don't have anything in this color. I normally don't really like purple clothes, but this was too pretty to pass on to.

The next thing I got was this dress. I tried on a lot of dresses but this one was by far the most beautiful out of all of them. I decided to only pick up this one. It's white, but a embellished peter pan collar and a lace back.

Another blouse, you say? Yes, I saw this and like the red one, I decided to try this on and it looked so beautiful and perfect for the holidays. This also has embellishes at the neck line.

Last, but not least, I got this statement necklace. My sister in law got it as well. I've been looking for statement necklaces lately and when I saw this, I was in love. When I left the store, all of them were sold out.

If you made it untill here, congratulations! 
I want to ask you guys some advice. For future hauls, do you like me to take photos like this of would you rather see the clothes on? Let me know please!

This haul has inspired me to do some Outfits of the Day as well so I'll try to do some in the future! ;)

Enjoy your sunday <3


  1. awesome post dear.would love to see how you style the outfit
    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin

  2. You got some great things at Primark! I have got the blouse (like in the first picture) in white. You can pair them with everything and I agree that they are really flattering :) Unfortunately we don't have Primark in Switzerland that's why I only go there when I'm on holiday! xx


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