Catrice 'Liquid Metal' Eyeshadows in 'Gold 'n Roses' & 'Gold Leaf Me' Swatches and Review

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello everybody! Yesterday, I was at Kruidvat with my friend Katrien and we were looking around a bit, 'just watching, not buying' (the lie we all tell ourselves)... But then we saw these Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows. We swatched the testers and were amazed by the beautiful colors. I decided to pick up two colors: 'Gold 'n Roses' and 'Gold Leaf Me'.

These are described as 'Ultra Smooth Powder Eyeshadow for a spectacular liquid metal effect'. 'Gold 'n Roses' is beautiful light rose gold color. It's similar to the Too Faced Eyeshadow in 'Satin Sheets'. It has the same gold sheen to it. 'Gold Leaf me' is an olive green with a golden sheen to it. They are simply stunning colors.
The pattern and surface of these is really cool, it reminds me of a wavy reptile skin.
These eyeshadows are very, very soft! They are a little bit crumbly, because of their softness. But they swatch amazing! Great pigment, beautiful colors,... This is how I like my eyeshadows. I think you can make beautiful looks with these, especially the green one, I'd like to try out a green smokey eye with that color!   

In my opinion, Catrice did an amazing job with these eyeshadows. These are available at Kruidvat for €3.99 each and they have a ton of beautiful colors to choose.



  1. I didn't try these, but the second shade looks nice:) I have a similar one and have been really liking it this fall (from Essence). :)

  2. They both look great. The Gold n Roses one reminds me of Maybelline Colour tattoo in Pink gold :)

  3. I have Gold n' Roses and the color is really nice:) However it fell out of the package as soon as I opened it. Thanks god, it stayed whole:D

    1. What a relief that shadow didn't break, that would've been such a bummer! :o
      I think that these are eyeshadow that can break pretty easily :/



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