The Lipstick Tag!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello lovely ladies! Time for another tag! Today, I'm doing 'The Lipstick Tag'.Like Gwyneth Paltrow once said: 'Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.' One of the first things you think about when the word 'makeup' comes up, is lipstick. I love lipstick so much, so when I saw this tag, quite a while ago, on Sanja's blog, I knew I had to do it some day.

How many lipsticks do you own?
I counted them all as best as I can and I think I have about 35 to 40 lipsticks (lip glosses not included). When I counted them, I was surprised because I thought I had a whole lot more! I'm not sure about the correct number because it is possible that a few lipsticks are hiding in a handbag or somewhere else in my room.
What was your first ever lipstick?
The first lipstick I ever bought was a very light pink and frosty lipstick by Hema. It's didn't look good on me at all and I haven't worn it a lot, to be honest :p 

What is your most worn lipstick? 
My most worn lipstick is probably 'Pink Truffle' lip butter by Revlon. It's a very easy color to wear, very neutral and it matches everything and every look. Other favorites are 'Viva Glam' 2 and 'Gem of Roses' by M.A.C.
What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
M.A.C. has really amazing lipsticks. I love them and the colors are all so beautiful. Revlon has some amazing lip products as well, like their Lip Butters and the Color Burst lipsticks.
What is your favourite finish?
My favorite finish for a lipstick is matte, satin or just a bit shiny. I don't like when my lipstick makes my lips super shiny like a mirror. But I like them to look moisturized.
What was the last lip product you bought?
The last lip product I bought was the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 'Vintage Pink'.
How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag? (Including balms and glosses)
Like always, I have two lip products in my handbag. A lipbalm and something with a color.
What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
I love using MAC's Cyndi Lipstick. It's a coral red color, that's not too bright. A perfect color for someone who's getting into red lips. Unfortunately, this color has been discontinued.
How do you store your lipsticks?
In Ghent, I store my lip products in a little empty ferrero rocher box. It's easy and does not take in too much space. At my home in Brussels, I store them in a pencil/School stuff container. It's very easy because it has different compartments and it gives the opportunity to see every single color. 

                                                         Storage at home
                                                         Storage in Ghent
What lip products are you currently lusting after?
I'm currently lusting after the new Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks. I have not heard one single bad word about this line. They all look so pretty! 

I hope you all liked this tag and I tag everyone who reads this to do it as well ;)

Have a lovely day, sweeties <3



  1. Wow that's a lot of lipstick. I'm sure i would be useless for me to do it, because I don't have a lot of lipsticks:) I love the first photo:)

    1. thanks for the comment! Sometimes I think I might own too many lipsticks but I love them all so much! :)

  2. Glad you decided to do it :) The UD Revolution lipsticks are on top of my WL as well and kudos to you for only carrying two lip products, when I last went through my bag I had 5 different lipstick, lipgloss and two lipbalms. God knows why :D

    1. haha wow! :D
      But I understand, you can never have too many choices :D


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