Yves Rocher Cacao Collection for Holidays 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello everybody! Every year, Yves Rocher comes out with a delicious holiday collection. Last year, they had the 'Pomme Delice' collection, which smelled as good as it sounds: like caramel-cinnamon apples. I bought the candle and perfume back then. This year, they have a Cacao collection (I just notice that it's 'Cocoa' in English and 'Cacao' in Dutch/French... pretty confusing, but I'll use the word 'Cacao' because that's the name of this collection here) with three scents: Cacao-orange, cacao-framboise (raspberry) and Cacao-pistache (Pistachio)

Hand cream, chapstick, shower gel, candles, perfume, liquid soap, glitter oil, body lotions... This is a very big collection and I must say, when I read about it on blogs, I was not impressed. I didn't think it would smell that good and I wanted to pass on it. Uhm, why on earth would I ever think that?? When I walked in the store and smelled the 'Cacao-orange' shower gel, I nearly fainted. I ended up getting three things from the collection: the shower gel, the raspberry-cacao chapstick and a hand cream, also with raspberry. Yves Rocher sends card with 'free gifts with purchase'-coupons and other promotions, so I got the hand cream for free. And all the other products were not that expensive at all!

I really like Yves Rocher Lip balms, so I was glad to pick this one up. I've seen on the website that they also have this in the orange flavor, so I might have to go back and get that one as well... The raspberry one has a little pink tint, which I like a lot! :) 

The hand cream however... I'm not a fan. I don't like the consistency. It stays tacky for too long and it doesn't smell as good as the other products. I have a Khiel's hand cream, which immediately sinks into the skin and keeps the hands soft. After five minutes, I could still feel the Yves Rocher hand cream on my hands, which is not that pleasant.

But the star of this collection is the cacao-orange part. Do any of you guys know those cookies with an orange filling and chocolate on top? In Belgium, they are called 'Pim's'. The shower gel smells EXACTLY like those cookies. And the best thing of all... The shower gel is only €1,95... So I might go back and get another bottle. Or two. Or six.

Yves Rocher also has an 'Vanille d'Or' collection out now, which is now on my christmas list! ;)

Do you like Yves Rocher? Have you seen/smelled this collection and did you buy anything?

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  1. I do like chocolate and orange scents - they're so scrumptious :o). Xx



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