Kiko Haul: Summer Sale

Monday, August 4, 2014

Haaa, nothing better than an evening of blogging! I went to the french city of Lille a few weeks ago on a day off and I walked into Kiko, to see what they had on sale. I was very suprised and happy with what I saw and I got some beau-ti-ful things. I had a bit of time to test out a few of the products and I love them!

Let's all take a moment to admire all the beautiful packaging. Kiko makeup is not expensive at all but the packaging of their products still gives you a feeling of luxury. All the products here are from the 'Life In Rio' and the 'Boulevard Rock' collections.

First of all, I got the 'Sun Lovers Blush' from the Life In Rio collection in the color 'Brazilian Pink'. Waw. Waw waw waw. This is already becoming one of my new favorites. It's the perfect mix of peach and pink. It's so pretty when you look at it in the pan. You swirl the colors together and they become the perfect natural flush for your cheeks. 

Next, my mom saw these eyeshadow palettes and said that she thought that this one would look great with my green eyes. It's the Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette in 'Harmonic Swing' from the Boulevard Rock collection. I don't own a palette with colors like this. It's a bit of a smokey palette. It has a shimmery white, an interesting silver-khaki color (my favorite in the palette), a mauve, a grey-brown and a black eyeshadow. The pigmentation is very nice, the colors can be built up very easily. You can see swatches of all the products below!

A while ago, I saw this 'Creamy Touch eyeshadow duo pencil in 'Brown and Shell' on a blog, and I loved it. It's a matte dark brown and a matte nude color. I went to the website to order it, but couldn't find it. You can understand the happiness when I saw this in the store, on sale. The formulation is amazing. So creamy, soft and blendable. The brown is beautiful as an eyeliner as well.

Last but not least, I got this little pot of 'Color Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadow' in 'Innocent Rose'. It has a very interesting formulation, somewhere between a creme and a mousse. This is the only product that I need to try out but the color looks amazing. Pale pink with a duochrome sheen to it. I'm very excited to play with this.

Swatches: Harmonic Swing eyeshadow palette

 Swatches: Brown/shell pencil, Innocent Rose Eyeshadow, Brazilian Pink Blush

I hope you enjoyed this haul/review and let me know if you found some fun makeup things on sale recently?


  1. I love how beautiful the blush looks. So pretty:) The duo pencil has also a really pretty shades. I also think the palette would really compliment green eyes:).

  2. Great haul! <3
    Wau, eye palette looks really pretty! I love all the shades. :)

  3. Oh my, I started drooling when I saw that blush. GORGEOUS! It's a shame KIKO isn't available in my country :/

    1. They also have an online webshop and they ship to a lot of European countries! ;)


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