Rituals Happy Hands Hand Lotion Review

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last week, me and two friends went shopping in the fashion capital of Belgium: Antwerp. One of them wanted to visit the Rituals store. Rituals is a beautiful store with bodycare, skincare and makeup inspired by the eastern beauty and traditions. I've never really went inside the store, but I had tried a shower gel and deodorant once, that a class mate gave me for Christmas.

I looked around and I suddenly saw a sink with soap, a hand scrub and the 'Happy Hands' hand lotion with mandarin and mint. My beloved Khiel's handcreme had gotton old and I had decided to get rid of it a few days before (it's now sitting in my 'empties' bag, waiting for a future blogpost). So I put some Rituals handcreme on. And I fell in love with it instantly!


I have never smelled a hand creme like this one. It's fresh, citrussy, delicious and it does indeed make you happy. It blends out into the skin very easy and fast and you're left with babysoft hands. The scent lingers for about 5 minutes and then it disappears. But by that time, your mood has already got ten times better by the smell so you won't mind! I don't want my hands to smell and taste all day, so I don't mind anyways. This will become a new favorite product, I'm sure! The tube also has a very nice color, so it's easy to find in your purse.

The Happy Hands Hand Lotion is available at the Rituals store and website for €8,50.


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