New Skin Care Love: Caudalie

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hello sweethearts! Today I wanted to talk about a skin care brand that I've fallen in love with over the last two months. I've heard a lot about it's products and when I went to Paris in the beginning of June, I got to know the brand a little bit better. I have three products to talk about: the Beauty Elixer, the Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Fluid and the Vinosource Moisturizing Matifying Fluid.

1) Beauty Elixer - Eau de Beauté
I heard a lot about this product on Fleurdeforce's channel on youtube, she used to be (or still is?) a very big fan of this product. I looked at in a pharmacy in Paris and the guy working there said that he uses it everyday and his skin looked amazing so I decided to try out a small bottle. 
I didn't understand what 'Beauty Elixer' was supposed to mean but this product is part toner-part serum that you spray on your face. It contains essential oils and plant active ingredients, all very good for the skin. It has a very strong scent but when it dries up, the scent is gone as well. I like it, but I haven't noticed any changes in my skin. I do enjoy spraying it on my skin after a shower and before I put anything else on, it's very refreshing. 

The guy at the pharmacy gave me two samples of the following products I'm going to talk about.

2) Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum
If you watch Essiebutton on youtube, you might have heard of this product. She described it as a 'splash of water to the skin'. I liked the sample a lot, it hydrates the skin very well without making the skin oily or feeling greasy. I usually put this on after the Beauty Elixer. I actually was thinking about repurchasing a fullsize bottle of this, when I got travel-size bottle in the June Deauty box.
Sephora describes this product as an oil-free serum that captures and continually diffuses water deep within the skin to restore its moisture balance and leave skin feeling soft and supple.

3) Vinosource Moisturizing Matifying Fluid
Last, but not least: the moisturizing matifying fluid. This is a soft cream that also hydrates the skin, but it matifies the skin as well. I have had a few months of very oily skin and this product is amazing for that. I like how you put it on and it feels very, very light on your skin. Almost like you didn't put anything on, but your skin is still soft and hydrated. This is my favorite product of the three. I liked the sample and I got the full-size tube at Lille.

I hope you guys liked this skin care post. What are your favorite products to use? 

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