The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask Review

Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy March, everybody! March is my favorite month ever because spring starts and my birthday is coming up! The Body shop had brought out 5 amazing face masks about 6 months ago. For each skin type a special ingredient. They have one with roses to plump the skin, honey for nourishing, Amazonian acaï for radiance, Chinese ginseng and rice to polish and Himalayan Charcoal to purify. Today, I'm going to talk about that last one. 

Each face mask comes in a big glass, dark pot with a plastic lid. The face masks all have a different color, all very bright and pretty. Looking at all the face masks in the shop, this one was very interesting to me. It reminded me so much of the Glamglow Mud Masks.

The face mask is a grey-brown color. It's infused with bamboo, green tea, charcoal and tea tree oil. I did some research on the website and this is a vegan face mask that is free of parabens, paraffin and silicone. So only the best for your skin! 

In the pictures below, I applied the mask to my hands. It slowly dries up, like you can see in the second picture. I usually leave it on until it has all dried up and than I remove it with lukewarm water. Finish off with you favorite day or night cream and you're good to go! 

It actually works the same way as the Glamglow mask and a small pot of that brand is about 50€. You get more product here for more than half of the price! 

These face masks or available on the websites or the stores from The Body Shop for 20€. I haven't tried the other masks yet but they all seem fantastic! 



  1. I was also drawn to this one in London, but I didn't buy it since I already have enough face masks..Kinda regret it now hahahah

    1. It is kinda awesome... More reason for you to go to London AGAIN :D <3


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