Decathlon Haul: New Sport Goodies

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hello my sweeties! How are you all doing today? How was your weekend? Last Thursday was my birthday, so I had a few celebrations with friends, the boyfriend and family last weekend! Friday, I went to Decathlon, which is a HUGE sports/camping/fitness store. Seriously, you name it, they have it. I went down there because I wanted some stuff to have home work-outs. 

Sports/Yoga Mat
In my last sports-related post, I talk about going to a group lesson twice a week and doing an 'individual' training twice a week. One of the group trainings is a fat burning lesson, where we do a cardio warm up for 20 minutes and than 40 minutes of muscle exercises. We usually do them on a mat, but I didn't have my own decent mat yet, so I always needed to borrow one. Enough with that, I needed my own mat! So I got this beautiful purple/blue mat to take with me. This was about €17, a very decent price for a mat. It looks really easy to carry around with you as well.

This may sounds weird, but I don't like my upper arms... I think they are quite fleshy and when I gain some weight, I always notice it in my arms first. So I bought some weights to train my arms at home a bit more. I just got the 1kg ones to get started. Hopefully, my arms will be a bit more toned soon! it was €7,99

This is the most nostalgic and cheap gadget I picked up, but I'm already in love. I heard from my fat burning instructor that rope skipping is a very easy and cheap way to get in form. It's great to built up your condition and tone your body. Katy Perry even does this to warm up for her shows! This beautiful blue rope was only €2,49! They also had it in pink, but I chose this one for now. 

So, this was my short haul! I'm thinking about doing more sports related posts in the future, like about sports bras (hey, we're all girls here, nothing to be ashamed about) and sports pants and more!

I wish you all a fantastic manic monday <3


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