Summer of Bloggin', july 12: HUGE Paris Beauty Haul!

Friday, July 12, 2013

After 6 months of Project Pan, I decided to wait a little bit longer with buying a lot of makeup until I went to Paris. And there, I went a bit crazy. I had made a list of things I wanted to buy. Some things I found, other things I decided not to buy and I also found some other things...
I went to Sephora, Galeries Lafayette and Monoprix (where they have more drugstore brands, like L'oréal, Maybelline and Revlon). I've been saving for months for this trip. Here's what I bought!

First of all, I went to Sephora. I went straight to the 'Nail bar', to find the Ciaté nail polish I was looking for. I didn't find it (I went to three Sephoras and they did not have it anywhere). But I found some other cool things over there. From left to right:

- Nail Inc. Feathers in 'York'
- Sephora Marble effect top coat
- Sephora Tie Dye Effect Top Coat
- Ciate 'Love Letters', which looks like the red version of 'Antique Brooch'

Next, I was looking at the Nars Duo Eyeshadow palettes. I found two I liked: 'Kalahari' (2 darker colors) and 'Alhambra' (two light colors). I decided to pick up 'Kalahari' BUT somehow I got the names mixed up and in my hotel room, I saw that I bought the Alhambra duo. I'm happy that I accidentally picked this one up and not something with a bright blue in it. Maybe I'll pick the other one up some day, we'll see. But 'Alhambra' better be good! I also got the Naked Basics Palette.

                                 Urban Decay Naked Basics
                                  Nars Alhambra Duo

The lovely thing about Sephora is that the girls always want to do your makeup. A girl from Dior took me to her booth and I thought; Why not? Put some makeup on me!
She said I didn't need a heavy foundation and used the new Nude Tan BB creme on me, which enhances the skin and tan. It looked amazing! I was sold. And so was this BB cream a few minutes later.

At Galeries Lafayette, Bourjois was having a 'Buy 2, get one free' sale on their little nail polishes, so I picked up three of those.

I also went to Monoprix, because I was curious to see if they sold Revlon there. And wow, everything I was waiting for to be available in Belgium, was right there! The Colorstay nail polish, the kissable balm staind and the cream eyeshadow sticks. I also found two beautiful Model Own nail polishes on sale. From left to right:

- Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in 'Vintage Rose'
- Revlon Smoky Shadow Stick in 'Torch'
- Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in 'Honey'
- Models Own 'Indian Ocean'
- Models Own 'Champagne'

My name is Astrid and I'm a beauty-shopaholic, which is the worst kind. I'm not buying makeup again for a long time now!

The upcoming days, you may expect A LOT of reviews on these products.


  1. After seeing this I can't wait to shop in Paris in two weeks :) And thanks for mentioning the Monoprix, just added it to my shops-to-go-to list :)

    1. They have a big Monoprix on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées! They also have cute clothing and jewelry there ;)


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