Summer of Bloggin, July 31: The end of Summer of Bloggin'

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey girls! Today is the last day of July and that means that 'Summer of Bloggin', where I would post a blogpost everyday, is now officially over....

I had a lot of fun blogging every day for you guys! Sometimes it was a bit harder than I thought, because I didn't have much inspiration or couldn't find a topic to write about some days. But I loved doing it! Now, it's time for me to move to my desk and study all august long.

My first exam is on August 21 and my final one is on September 5.

I won't be bloggin much in August, but I know myself. I can't help but take photos and write blogpost during study breaks, so I'll post something every now and than.

Enjoy your summer! 

Byee sweeties! <3

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