Summer of Bloggin', July 20: Saying goodbye...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Today was a very sad day. Our 9-year old boxer Dempsey past away today. A couple of days ago, he got sick very sudden and the veterinarian sent us to a professional animal clinic to found out what was going on. He had liver and kidney failure, due to an infection. They did everything they could, but his condition got worse and they told us that they couldn't do anything to save him. We decided to end his pain and say goodbye to him.

Dempsey was a good, happy dog, full of energy. The type of dog that came running to you when you arrived home and that almost freaked out when you threw away a ball of asked him to go for a walk. He was very protective and did everything to make us feel better when we were down. I will never forget him.

I'll miss him so much <3


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