Summer of Bloggin', July 25: The Body Shop Leona Lewis 'Oh Deer' Shimmer Palette Review

Friday, July 26, 2013

Yesterday, I suffered from writer's block and I had absolutely no inspiration to write a blogpost, so today you guys get two 'Summer of Bloggin' posts! Today I wanted to show you guys a supercute highlighter/blush from The Body Shop. This blush is from a line created with Leona Lewis and is 100% Cruelty-free!

This is probably one of the cutest and most beautiful products I own. Look at that cute deer! And When you open it...

...It's still cute! This is a highlighter/blush that consists of three colors: a pearl white, a shimmery rose and a light peach. You can use these colors seperate or swirl them together to create a light rose color.

The photo above shows the three seperate colors and the last color is the three mixed together. I really like this! For me, this would get used more as a highlighter. It's a bit too light to work as a blush, especially in the summer. But, as you can see, this a gorgeous little palette. I'm not sure if this is still available, I got it during the sales in the beginning of July. If you have the chance to pick it up, I suggest you do ;)

What's your favorite highlighter?

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