Summer of Bloggin', july 18: My Make-up Setup! How I Store My Makeup

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello everyone! I decided to show you guys my make-up setup today, because I recently completely redecorated my little hidden vanity in my room. I store all my makeup pretty basic and a bit messy, but it works for me. It used to be a disaster :p

Hidden in a closet, I have a little sink and some place to storage stuff. I storage all my makeup and beauty products here. The sink doesn't work anymore, so I just use this to do my makeup.

In the picture above you can see how I store my palettes (below), my eyeliners in a jar with a random hair spray and perfume next to it (middle) and random beauty products like lip scrub, face masks, sample and travel-sized shampoos,...
Above you see the perfumes I keep at home, my brushes (with a bath bomb on each side) and things like facial cream, body lotion, and my beloved Daisy perfume (that didn't fit at the top with the rest).


On the right, I keep my eyeshadows in little boxers with drawers. Above that, I have a few other palettes. I also have a tiny little metal box with samples and next to that a round box with more daily eye makeup stuff.

On the left, I keep my mascaras in a wooden box. In the pink basket, I keep all my face products (eye cream, concealer, blush, foundation, primers, highlighters,...).
In the white basket, I keep all my lipsticks and lipglosses.

                                     'Hello!'. Random selfies in the mirror.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost. If you have any questions about products or you want a review on anything you see here, feel free to leave a comment ;) I love reading comments so the more, the better!

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  1. Ooooh love it! Ik ben echt jaloers op dat hoekje van uw kamer!


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