Summer of Bloggin', July 15: Nars 'Alhambra' Duo eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello everybody! Today I'm showing you guys the Nars Duo Eyeshadow palette in 'Alhambra'. I picked this up in Paris last week and I actually got the names mixed up at the store. I wanted the 'Kalahari' palette but accidentally bought this one. Luckily, these colors are very beautiful as well.

The colors in this palette are very neutral: a very light rosy beige and a light gold eyeshadow. They look so pretty and are perfect for any occasion, any day. You can use these colors dry or wet, for a more intense effect. I usually just use my eyeshadows dry.

Nars Cosmetics always has beautiful packaging. Sleek, black and compact, without too much else going on. The palette has a rubber feel to it, which is cool but gets diry easier.

The eyeshadows are amazing. Soft like butter and very pigmented. Nars Eyeshadows are not inexpensive, but they are very good. You get great quality here. I've always heard great thing about this particular duo, and this meets my expectations. You can use the colors apart or use them together in a look. It's a feminine, everyday and classy color combination. They have the right amount of shine and shimmer in them without being too much. I give this palette a thumbs up! ;)


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